Nap Series: What type of napper are you?

Are you a napper?

When I first met my husband, he took naps every day during the weekend. He never missed one. But, for me, I couldn’t sleep during the day.

Then, I was diagnosed with Lupus and other connective tissue disorders. The fatigue grew more intense and became hard to get through the day without a nap. So, the sun streaming through my thin curtains didn’t seem to bother me anymore. As a matter of fact, napping seems to be my favorite pasttime.

Napping is an important component for people with our condition in keeping healthy and rejuvenate our bodies for the remainder of the day. Some days, napping is impossible – but taking advantage of a nap here and there is good for the soul.

What type of napper are you? In this series, we are going to explore several types.

First, let’s talk about #1 – THE PAGE TURNER NAPPER

I’m sure that you’ve figured out what type of napper this type is- reading a nice book before slumber. This is my favorite type of napping. I generally cannot go to sleep without enjoying a book. For me, I love books that don’t require a ton of attention to detail. I love books about crimes, murders, drama, and sometimes, just to shake things up, I read comedy.

What type of books do you read? What are your favorites?

I would suggest the following:

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