Can I be fixed?

Do you feel like the healthcare system is a joke and that the only people benefiting from the system are the people that profit off it – all the while we are getting more sick. We take the medicine, we go through all the testing, we get all the needed injections, surgeries and everything, but we are still sick.


Firouz Daneshgari, M.D., a surgeon-scientist states that the healthcare system is sick because its a system that profits primarily from the sickness of individuals. In his new book, Health Guardianship: The Remedy to the Sick Care System, Dr. Daneshgari offers an unflinching look at America’s overpriced, underperforming healthcare model and outlines a new paradigm that prioritizes mitigation of health risks, wellness care and the elimination of chronic conditions.

Dr. Daneshgari is a surgeon-scientist and educator who has worked at the Cleveland Clinic and has published over 200 scientific articles. America’s healthcare system is the most expensive in the world, but more money hasn’t equated to better patient outcomes. With all the money expended to the medical field, America only ranks between 30th-40th in the World Health Organization’s ratings for patient longevity, access to care and prevalence of chronic conditions. Also, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Only heart disease and cancer claim more lives.

“We have built a system specialized for the sick, and yet ironically we expect the results of ‘healthcare’ from it,” said Dr. Daneshgari.

Dr. Daneshgari builds a framework for a new healthcare paradigm that prioritizes mitigation of health risks and elimination of chronic conditions, and rewards guardianship of health, not delivery of sick care services.

”My aim is to generate a national dialogue and movement toward a path forward that will create the next model of healthcare delivery. A model that will have all the medical and technological advances, and yet it is accessible, affordable, high quality and consumer-centric and not provider-centric,” he said.

Acting like a whistle blower who calls out the existing dysfunction of the system, Dr. Daneshgari offers an imminently available remedy that would create the next generation of healthcare that is accessible to all, affordable to all, affordable by everyone and will provide quality desired by healthcare consumers.

Follow his podcast, Why Can’t We Have it All? The Missing Pieces in Our Healthcare. (

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