Author taking on crime one book at a time

One self-published new author is attempting to conquer crime one book at a time. 

Tom Hogan, author of The Empty Confessional,  is an angered seminary refugee and professor of religion. He vowed to do something about it. While he pushes for the church to establish a zero-tolerance policy and open its records to authorities, he also decided to write a book about it. 

“Many of those in the Catholic church who have used their position to abuse women, men and children have gone unpunished,” Tom Hogan said. “This is an ongoing situation which greatly angers me.” 

The Empty Confessional is fiction laced with truths. Hogan writes with candor and acumen about the dark workings of an institution capable of ignoring heinous acts. 

The main character, Gabe Russell is the protagonist that incorporates many truths about the issues that have scared the Catholic church. The conflicting emotions that this priest who finds release for his religious and sexual frustrations through violent penance- retribution against abusers and rapists he discovers through the confessional and the pedophinic priests within his own ranks. 

Skilled in Krav Maga, a violent Isreli form of self-defense, Gabe can easily disable and kill whoever he needs. As he hears the confessions of his congregation, he decides he can no longer ignore the crimes being committed. He targets the wrong-doers one at a time until he hits the top of the church. 

Will Gabe answer to his crimes? Will the seal of the confessionals protect his secrets? 

Tom Hogan is the author of two novels: Left for Alive (2019) and The Devil’s Breath (2021), as well as co-authored The Ultimate Startup Guide (2017). The Empty Confessional was published by Laughing Dog Publishing, LLC in 2022. It is available in paperback and as an e-book. 

For more information, please visit His book is available on Amazon and can be found here

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