This is me!

When I was 34 years old, I went to my family doctor because I was experiencing extreme fatigue. When I say fatigue, I mean deep into the bones tiredness.

Have you ever felt that way? If so, you know exactly how I felt.

My family doctor conducted a series of tests, including taking blood. After receiving the results, she referred me to a rheumatologist. Sure – why not?

Long story short, the rheumatologist said I had systemic lupus and that I had to start taking a medication called Plaquenil. She said it was important to stay on it and never miss a dose. Sure, I can do that!

I left the office thinking I just has a little virus – like a cold. Take the medication and it would go away- right? NOPE- I was wrong. Very wrong.

She didn’t tell me Lupus was a life-long condition that was incurable.

She didn’t tell me Lupus would cause other connective tissue disorders such as RA, fibromyalgia, and more.

She didn’t tell me this was a life-long condition that is incurable.

She didn’t tell me this condition would affect my marriage, relationships with friends and family, or the ability to work full-time.

She didn’t tell me I would have a life-long issue with chronic pain and needing a slue of medications, injections, testing and millions of doctor appointments.

Nope- just take a pill. Sounded so simple.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve had to do my own research on my conditions. I’ve joined support groups and gone to medical conferences and informational meetings with lupus specialists. I’ve changed doctors many times, had hundreds of tests, and other procedures.

This blog is to help anyone looking for answers for anything to do with connective tissue diseases, chronic pain or depression- which we all know are all rolled up into one ball of joy. lol.

The life we knew before diagnosis is over. Now, we just have to figure out how to create a new life that we can enjoy. Let’s figure that out together.

Should you have any questions or issues, please email them to me at and I’ll answer the best I can.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the blog!

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