What the coronavirus means for the compromised?

I put off posting anything about the Coronavirus because, to be honest, it scares the bejesus out of me and also because of the fact that it’s all over the news and radio. But, for people like us, with compromised immune systems- this is a virus that could be very deadly. 


Having immune deficiencies makes social distancing a requirement

Why am I so scared? First off, I don’t believe healthy people are taking this virus seriously. 

My husband and I just returned from a trip to Spain in November. While there, we watched the television and saw the cases of the virus sweeping through small parts of China. My anxiety was on overdrive as we walked through the airports, on the way home, and saw all the Chinese people running about with their masks. 

Then, towards the end of January to the beginning of February, the virus spread to the U.S. But, even then, people didn’t take it seriously. I live in Ohio and the virus was in Washington state. “Ya, that’s far away. It’s not going to affect us.” That’s what I heard everywhere. 

All of a sudden, cases were showing up in California, Texas, New York, and Michigan. The virus exhibited from state to state. Still, Ohio people were not taking it seriously. 

My husband and I saw it coming. I was scared. So, we went to Costco and stocked our house up for a month. (Yes, we were stocked up with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.) 

It wasn’t until March Madness was canceled that people in Dayton/Cincinnati began to take the virus seriously. WHAT! This must be serious…. Right? 

Of all things, why toliet paper?

All of a sudden, grocery stores were packed, shelves were empty and people were fighting over toilet paper.

Now, since then, we are custom to hearing things like: 

  • Practicing social distancing 
  • Stay-at-home Orders
  • Work from home practices 
  • Only carry-out and delivery services 
  • Lock-down 

Now, instead of spending time fighting over toilet paper, we’re faced with more serious issues: 

  • Coronavirus testing sites 
  • Essential workers only 
  • Hospitals running out of protective gear 
  • Hospitals running out of breathing equipment 
  • Borders have been shut down between Canada and Mexico
  • Travel has been restricted

But – what’s more critical – people are sick and dying everyday and knowing that it could be you anyday is scary. IT’S SCARY!! 

Spain and Italy are warning us as to what to expect and telling us what is coming. The State Governors (Ohio’s Governor needs a shout out- he is doing wonderful) and the President are doing everything in their power to protect us – YES US- from this virus that many trained physicians don’t even know what it is. They’re putting into effect measures that most American’s can’t believe. 


To protect US! 

Be careful who you are near


I’m taking this virus seriously and I’m sure you are too. I’m fortunate enough to have a job that I can do from home. For that I am very grateful. But, my husband is not and he’s considered an essential employee. Although he had to lay off over forty employees, there are still about a dozen people working with him everyday. 

Where have all those employees been? With whom have they been in contact? We can only control what we do. We can only control who we are in contact with. 

But, just today, my husband learned that one of his employees has been going to church on Sundays – even though it’s not supposed to be allowed. A person at his church last week tested positive for the virus. So, now, my husband’s employee has been exposed, making my husband possibly exposed and now me- not to mention others. 

How worried are you? 

Have you been exposed? 

How safe are you? 


Tell me what you’re doing to be safe. 

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